Modern Digital Marketing Essentials: Remarketing Options

Remarketing is a fascinating area of digital marketing that can help grow your audience with a minimal amount of effort. If you’ve ever visited a web or product page and had ads from that brand “follow” you to other sites, you’ve experienced retargeting. Only 2 percent of website visitors convert on the first visit, so it can be a great way to improve conversions and boost revenue. You might even want to retarget visitors who have spent time on a certain area of your site, or who have visited a certain number of times.

You can set frequency caps with your retargeting ads, experiment with campaign duration and messaging, and measure your results along the way. A/B test everything — your ad size, your content offer, your value proposition and your creative. To get you started, here three types of retargeting you can leverage with modern digital marketing.


Remarketing options for your digital marketing efforts

  1. Facebook – You can use Facebook to retarget your leads in a couple of different ways. The first uses a snippet of Facebook code on your website that tracks visitors and delivers them ads on Facebook. You can resume your efforts with Facebook’s retargeting options. Facebook also allows you to run retargeting campaigns to people who have opened one of your emails, through Facebook Custom Audience.


  1. Google display – Here, you set up retargeting through Google Analytics based on website behavior. This ties in with your Google Display ads and measures your impressions, clicks and conversions


  1. Remarketing lists for search ads – This allows you to tailor your campaigns to previous visitors. These usually have a lower cost per conversion than regular search ads you can set this up in Google Analytics and AdWords, measuring whether your results are better than the message you show your cold leads.


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