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Marketing Through Social Media | Burg & Co. Marketing

What you need to know about marketing through social media

The digital marketing world is always changing. Barely 10 years ago, social media was an emerging trend that many people didn’t even know about. Today, social media has become the dominant form of interaction for hundreds of millions of people of all ages and walks of life.

To be successful in the modern marketplace, it’s a simple fact that businesses need to have some sort of a presence on the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and increasingly Instagram. While originally this was almost exclusively for the purposes of community engagement and brand building, social media is also more and more becoming a place where businesses are actively engaging in marketing and advertising.

If your business is trying to make the transition into marketing through social media, we’ve provided the following information to help you make better sense of this landscape.

Marketing through social media — the basics

Focus on these core pillars as you create your social media marketing strategy:

  • Stay true to your brand — Like any other marketing channel, don’t provide content, messages or offers that are off-brand. This can be an even larger risk in an arena like social media where there may be temptation to appeal to a younger demographic. Your social media marketing content should be consistent with who you are as a brand and the products or services your provide.
  • Know who you’re targeting — When marketing through social media, you should not be casting a wide net and hoping you get lots of likes and comments. Today, there are plenty of tools available to help you segment your audience and target them with hyper-personalized content.
  • Focus on your business goals — While having a large following and getting lots of likes, comments and reposts may seem like success, if they aren’t driving sales and conversion it might not be worth the time and resources you’re investing. Use tracking and testing to find out which of your organic and paid content is performing the best in terms of your lead generation and sales objectives.

Marketing through social media with a partner you can trust

The high-performing team of digital storytellers at Burg & Co. Marketing have decades of combined experience in a wide spectrum of digital marketing fields, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing and pay-per-click advertising. We build strategic partnerships to truly understand your business needs so that you see a return on investment for your marketing resources.

To learn how we can work with you, contact us today.

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