Increase patient volume: The answer to your 2:00 a.m. fears as a clinic owner

Patient care is the focal point of any medical practice. But it’s hard to provide good patient care if you’re having a hard time getting patients in the door in the first place. That’s why when asked, most clinic owners state that their main concern is increasing patient volume.

As a clinic owner, learning how to get more patients and grow your medical practice can be a point of concern that you’re continuously striving to improve. The good news is that there are plenty of strategies that help address your concerns and work toward increasing the patients for your clinic.

We’ll talk about the fears that you may have as a clinic owner when it comes to patient volume before diving into the effective marketing strategies that can help alleviate them.

The fears related to increasing patient volume as a clinic owner 

Increasing patient volume goes beyond just trying to get new patients. It’s about the many different factors that can influence your patient volume at any given time. By acknowledging the fears that you believe are impacting your number of patients, you’re able to strategize to alleviate those worries.

Here are some fears pertaining to patient volume that indicate it’s time to develop new strategies:

  • Inconsistent patient influx — Revenue instability due to unpredictable patient numbers.
  • Low community awareness — Lack of awareness in your local area about your clinic.
  • Inadequate referral networks — Not receiving referrals from other providers.
  • Negative reputation/reviews — Potential patients being turned off by poor reviews.
  • Ineffective online presence — Your online presence not garnering new patients.
  • Competition — Losing patients to other clinics that are more well known.
  • Inefficient patient flow/scheduling — Long wait times due to inefficient scheduling, leading to patient dissatisfaction.  
  • Lack of niche services — General services that aren’t appealing to niche demographics.

The answer to increasing patient volume as a clinic owner 

It’s normal to have fears about having enough patients to thrive and not just survive. To scale your clinic and continue helping people be the healthiest versions of themselves, it’s important to break down the potential solutions into targeted strategies.

There’s no one answer that will increase your patient volume because it requires a multifaceted approach that tackles the issues from every angle to determine the courses of action that will garner the best results.

There are a variety of strategies that you can implement in order to address your concerns and increase patient volume, including:

  • Strategic planning — By defining your vision, and what you hope to accomplish in the future, you can gain a perspective on a realistic patient volume to work toward. Having a clear direction in mind can set realistic expectations, especially in terms of patient influx and developing niche services.   
  • Effective marketing — When it comes to increasing patient volume, effective marketing can go a long way. With marketing strategies such as content marketing and targeted campaigns, you can reach patients who are looking for the particular treatment that you provide. It’s especially helpful for trying to establish an online presence. It can even help you stand out from your competitors.
  • Community engagement — If you don’t have the support of your community, it can be difficult to consistently attract patients from your surrounding area. Community engagement refers to gaining local traffic through positive reviews and optimized local SEO. It also means establishing relationships with other providers to increase referrals. 
  • Operational efficiency — If your operations aren’t running smoothly, every facet of patient care can be negatively impacted. This can reduce patient retention and possibly harm your reputation. Administrative operations, like scheduling, are vital to the day-to-day functions of a clinic. That’s why it’s important to use automations when possible, as well as optimize appointment scheduling. 

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