How important is Google Adwords for Your Marketing Strategy?

Google, Google, Google. If you’re involved in any shape or form of digital marketing, then you know the power of increasing your site’s visibility with Google. Your digital marketing strategy should include optimizing for all major search engines, including Bing and Facebook,  but Google is the dominant player in the game. Besides, many of the algorithms in these search engines look for similar features.

As far as building a marketing strategy focused on driving traffic from Google goes, you should consider using Google Adwords.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is the largest online advertising service in the world. Used by millions, it is one of the most effective services for getting your website in front of the eyes of your target audience.

Google Adwords operates advertising through two avenues:

  • Pay-per-click advertising – This is the practice of bidding on keywords to have your web page display in the results for users who search with these keywords. With PPC advertising, you only pay when a user has clicked through your PPC link.

  • Display advertising – Many websites host Google Display banners on the sides of the page’s frame. Display advertising allows you to host your banner ads on these sites for users that may be interested in the services you provide.

How do you use Google Adwords?

  1. To begin using Google Adwords, you need to set up your account. Setting up an account includes specifying your target location and timezone, so your results are focused more on a local audience if necessary.
  2. Next, you need to perform keyword research. Do not focus on keywords simply because they get high volumes of search. Using the Adwords Keyword Tool, you should be able to find keywords that work well for your services and what you think your target audience will use. Then you bid on the keywords you’ve chosen to be awarded the advertising space for those keywords.

  3. For Display Ads, make content that is interesting. Display ads are a little closer to the highway billboard style of marketing. They are useful and their metrics can be tracked, but many users will ignore them if they are not interesting.

    Use an image with your display ads and write content that draws your target audience in. Display ads increase your presence throughout the web, so if you make one well it could really pay off.

Burg & Co. helps you use Google Adwords to increase your traffic

If you would like to work with industry experts in developing a Google Adwords campaign aimed toward increasing your traffic and revenue, you should speak with the team at Burg & Co. Contact us today to discover how our digital marketing services may benefit you.

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