How PPC Can Get More People to Call Your Business

If you’ve been involved in any form of digital marketing, you’ve probably come across pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. This is a form of advertising in which you bid on keywords to display an advertisement at the top of search engine results when those keywords are included in a search query.

A successful PPC campaign takes a lot of work and is not free, so you may be tempted to pass over it. However, when used correctly, it is one of the most effective methods for driving more visitors to your site and increasing your leads.

Perhaps your business is more interested in selling products or converting leads over the phone. Did you know that PPC can help out in this area too? Here are a few tips that can help you optimize your PPC campaign to drive more calls to your business:

1. Cultivate your ad to drive calls

It’s not enough to drop your phone number in the ad along with a “Call now” or something like that. Instead, you should describe the benefits of making that call to help drive people to call your business.

Keep in mind, PPC ads are short. You get 30 words in the title and 90 for the body of the content, so you have to get creative with presenting the benefits and driving calls.

2. Bid at the right times

You can set your ads to run only at certain times and days of the week. This is helpful because no one is likely to call you at midnight if they see your ad. Ads that run later in the evening like this should aim to convert users with a landing page instead of driving them to a call.

Ads that drive people to calls should run at peak times for your target audience.

3. Focus on promoting a product or service

It’s useless to bid on ads to drive calls for providing support or customer service. If someone is already looking for your brand’s support line, they can easily find it with regular organic search. It’s a waste of your budget and efforts to bid on ads for these kinds of calls.

Instead, these ads should be used for campaigns that are promoting a particular product or service. This is an area where negative keywords will come in handy. These are keywords for which your ads will not display. For example, you can include “customer service” or “support” as negative keywords to avoid displaying ads for these kinds of searches.

Let Burg & Co. Marketing help you develop your PPC strategy

The team of digital marketing professionals at Burg & Co. has years of experience in developing effective digital marketing strategies to increase your leads and convert leads into customers. Contact us today to learn more about building an effective PPC campaign and maintaining a well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

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