How important is digital content marketing for my brand?

Digital content marketing describes using digital platforms to achieve the basic content marketing goal of delivering high-quality content to your target audience with a primary focus on building your brand, developing trust and establishing authority in your industry. 

Since digital content marketing is typically not designed to immediately generate sales or leads, it’s easy to think of it as taking a backseat to more direct digital marketing efforts such as search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. However, digital content marketing is extremely important if you’re looking to strengthen your brand and build a loyal and involved audience on a long-term basis. 

By understanding the distinct advantages that digital content marketing can offer and how it can dovetail with other digital efforts, you can better position yourself to develop a holistic strategy. 

Benefits of digital content marketing for your brand and business

Developing and executing a comprehensive digital content marketing strategy can help you accomplish the following: 

  • Establish thought leadership — The right content in front of the right audience will help establish your brand as the experts in your field. Blog posts, e-books and in-depth webpages can provide key insights and show how your business has the answers customers need. 
  • Develop brand loyalty — If you produce excellent digital content that people want to read or consume, people will be drawn to your brand before you even try to sell them anything. 
  • Provide solutions — If you’ve identified holes in your conversion funnel, digital content marketing can help plug them. Informative and helpful content can address the concerns of potential customers and help them make a decision. With a well-timed email newsletter or a blog recommendation, customers who are on the fence can become sales or lead conversions. 

Developing a digital content strategy can provide immense benefits for your brand and business, and it doesn’t have to be intimidating. 

Burg & Co. can help you achieve measurable ROI on content marketing strategies 

Digital content marketing may not be as directly lead generative or sales oriented as other channels, but if it is integrated with your larger digital strategy, results can and should be measured. At Burg & Co. Marketing, our digital storytellers can help you create compelling and high-quality content that is designed to meet your business and brand needs. As SEO, PPC and social media marketing experts, we know how to create fully integrated digital strategies that achieve return on your marketing investment. 

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