How forming a mobile marketing strategy can help you attract new leads

If your business’s website is built for lead generation, you need to have a mobile marketing strategy. More users than ever before are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to access the internet. For many users, particularly people who are younger, a mobile device may be the only way they have to access the internet. This means that sites that aren’t fully functional on mobile and businesses that don’t have a marketing strategy to attract a mobile audience will be missing out on a significant number of leads and revenue. 

It can be difficult to know where to start, even if you know that mobile marketing is an important priority. This is why so many of the most successful businesses turn to a partner with specific expertise in this area. To help you know what you should look for, read the following overview to the steps that should be taken to develop an effective mobile strategy. 

Steps to developing a mobile marketing strategy

Whether you’re trying to go it alone or you’re working with an expert, here is what should go into the development of an effective mobile strategy to generate new leads: 

  • Perform an exhaustive evaluation of your current mobile marketing efforts.
  • Conduct audience research to determine how many of your potential customers are primarily mobile users.
  • Find out what kinds of content and mobile platforms this target audience is most likely to consume.
  • Create an action plan to better reach this mobile audience through optimizing your website’s mobile experience, targeting mobile users on social media and creating content that can be more easily displayed on a smartphone or tablet.

An effective mobile marketing strategy can help you engage with a whole new audience and make the process of lead generation easier and more seamless for both users and your sales team. 

Need help with your mobile marketing needs? Turn to Burg & Co.   

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