How digital marketing campaigns can be used to build public awareness

It’s natural to think of digital marketing solely as a way to reach people who can buy your product or service. And while that’s one of the main goals, it’s not the only objective that you should strategize for. 

It’s important to use your digital marketing campaign to shed light on timely topics that are related to your company’s product or service as well as your overall brand identity and values. Building public awareness about an important issue is all about looking at what’s going on in the world and how your company can play a positive role in it.

Read on to learn about why marketing campaigns should be utilized for discussing relevant issues. We’ll also discuss how you can use your digital marketing campaign to build public awareness and education.

Why digital marketing should be used for public awareness campaigns

It goes without saying that there are dozens of important issues that are worsening every day around the world, from cybersecurity issues to food security. They all deserve the proper attention and resources. But you can’t help every problem. What you can do is shed light on the issues that are most prevalent as well as most relatable to your company.

Being a company that openly acknowledges an important issue not only raises awareness on an important issue, but it also showcases your company as being knowledgeable, trustworthy and empathetic.

You should utilize digital marketing for public awareness on topics that:

  • Relate to your product or service (e.g., theft for security protection products; animal conservation efforts for stuffed animals).
  • Cause distress for your target demographic (e.g., environmental issues for vegan products; gender equality for feminine hygiene products).

More eyes on a topic means more education, resources and initiatives. By using your digital marketing platform to raise public awareness, people can learn about issues that they may not be aware of otherwise. They can also take note of how you’re trying to help the greater good, not just your sales

How you can use digital marketing to generate public awareness and education

The most important thing to remember when you’re trying to start a digital marketing campaign for public awareness is that you don’t have to solve the issue to make a difference. Every little bit counts, from a customer sharing your video to raising a few dollars through an online fundraiser.

Here are the steps you can take for a public awareness campaign:

  • Narrow down the topic — You’ll have more impact if you don’t choose a general topic, e.g., “homelessness.” Pick a topic as specific as possible. A good option is to find a topic that fits the location that you’re trying to spread awareness for. For instance, if you own a jacket company based out of New York, your topic can be, “Cold weather impact on those without homes in Albany.” 
  • Pick your platforms — Determine which social media platform will work best for your campaigns based on capabilities and engagement rate. If you want to share educational articles from reputable sources, Facebook is a good avenue to focus your strategy on. If you rather use interactive videos or live fundraisers, Instagram is the way to go.
  • Focus on particular facts — While it can be tempting to provide every detail about the topic, a person isn’t turning to a company to become educated about the ins and outs of an issue. Find the main points that you want to share in your campaign, including: statistics, causes of the issue, possible solutions and accessible resources.
  • Share the message — There are many approaches you can take to spread education and public awareness through digital marketing campaigns. You can go straightforward by making posts on X (formerly Twitter) or Facebook,sharing statistics and linking to resources. You can also partner with a nonprofit that’s dedicated to the topic, sharing guest posts and matching donations based on your social media engagement. It can be effective to share the story of one of your customers who has been impacted by the issue.

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