Four Tips for Making Your Content Feel More Personal

Have you ever researched information online to find a solution to a problem or an answer to a question? Chances are, your answer is yes. In fact, that may even be the reason that you’re reading this very sentence right now. Wow, who knew this would get so meta?

Anyway, the point we want to make is that your content should have a personal feel to it if you really want to engage with your audience. Think of all those times you’ve looked for something online. Have you ever backed away from a site simply because it felt too corporate or didn’t really have a voice that showed they care?

Don’t let this happen to visitors to your website. We want you to have a successful digital presence to attract more visitors to your site and increase your leads, so here are a few tips for making your content feel more personal and engaging:

1. Get emotional

We’re not suggesting you become a soap opera or anything like that, but we want to highlight that emotional content is more likely to be shared by your audience. Think of how personal the subject matter of your content is to your audience. Is it simply informative or does it invoke some type of emotional response that encourages excitement or trust?

2. Write conversationally

Writing conversationally may be easier than you realize. In fact, we just did it right there. One of the core tenets of personal language is the use of “you,” making it seem like the reader is being personally addressed by the writer, just like we are right now (though we may not know you, we sure would like to!).

Plus, you’ll want to avoid jargon and exclusive language. Define anything that’s unclear so your reader can always track with you and feel included.

3. Stick to your brand’s voice

You’ll want to produce content that is consistent with your brand’s voice. Your target audience is familiar with your brand and trusts its voice. Imagine if you ran into an old friend and they talked in a manner completely unlike how you remember them. This is kind of how it feels when your target audience reads content that is inconsistent with your voice.

4. Show that you listen

Provide your audience with a way of communicating with you or responding to your content. Comment sections and social media are excellent platforms of communication for your readers that show them that you care what they think, which makes your brand more approachable and trustworthy.

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