Four things to keep in mind when patient journey mapping

Does your health care facility provide a variety of treatments for patients but have a hard time getting patients to visit in the first place? Sure, you might have a website with some basic information, but if you aren’t patient journey mapping, you are missing out on engaging your patients’ needs in a way that helps them find treatment. 

Patient journey mapping is essentially documenting the process of a patient’s experience with your organization. You can use it to identify how a patient may encounter your organization and how they move throughout your site to find what they need and contact you for treatment or a screening.

Tips for patient journey mapping

  1. Establish your goals — Before you can picture a patient’s journey, you must establish your goals. Consider what you want to treat or specialize in and how you want to present it to your patients. You can use your goals to integrate points into your patient journey map.
  2. Research persona types — Build personas that represent typical patients that you treat or expect to treat. These persona types help give you an ideal target audience you want to tailor your patient journey mapping toward.

    Be sure to identify the main problems and pain points each persona type is likely to encounter. You can use these in your patient journey mapping to address their needs and to touch on these needs on a more emotional level.
  1. Map the current journey — Build a flowchart or map of your current patient journey. Even if you don’t really have one, you should try to map out what you think the patient will encounter on your site, so you can identify gaps and red flags that need to be addressed.
  2. Map future journeys — Once you’ve completed the previous steps, you can start to build your patient journey map. Be sure to address the persona type needs, gaps and red flags as you build a new patient journey to help a site user convert from visitor to patient.

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