Four SEO Tips for Ranking High in Search

Search engine optimization is all about ranking high in the search engines — and getting conversions from those results. Here, then, are four tips for using SEO to rank high in search.


Rank high in search with these four SEO tips

Tip #1: Target — and optimize for — the right keyword

In order to improve your rankings, you’ll need to find the right keywords to target. Then, you’ll need to optimize your site for those keywords. To find the right keywords, research the terms your target audience is searching for in relation to your business. This last point is especially important — if your keywords have nothing to do with your business, you’ll fail to help the person who finds you in search. That’s a huge waste of SEO effort. Create a strategy from a list of relevant keywords, then dedicate a page or post on your site to every keyword.


Tip #2: Leverage the power of content

High-quality, relevant content is one of the best ways to give your visitors what they’re looking for. People search when they have a need. Whether it’s a need for information, education or entertainment, they’ll be more likely to click through when the result promises to deliver value to their lives. Give them great content, and then give them an opportunity to engage with you further. This will help search engines see you’re helping searchers and reward you as a relevant result (assuming you’ve targeted and optimized for the right keywords, as in Tip #1, above).


Tip #3: Optimize your website for all devices

SEO is also about your usability and the experience users have with your site. You can have the best keywords, the highest rankings and the best-quality content, but if visitors can’t take action once they find you, your effort will have been wasted. Mobile is the most obvious device to prioritize in 2018, as 52 percent of web traffic comes from mobile phones. Sites that are accessible to users with a disability are also a must.

Tip #4: Pay attention to your meta tags

The meta description is the title and snippet that appears in the search results. Experts usually recommend including the page’s main keyword in the title tag — the first thing that searchers will see in your result, and where they’ll click. And while the content of the meta description won’t necessarily impact your rank, having a compelling description that contains your focus keyword can improve click-through rates by showing the searcher that you are exactly what they are looking for.


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