Four SEO Tips for the Holiday Season

Four SEO Tips for the Holiday Season

You should be maintaining an active search engine optimization (SEO) strategy all year, but when the holiday season comes around, you should rethink some elements of your strategy. It may seem a bit early to get started at the end of October, but fine-tuning your SEO strategy to the holidays now can help improve your web presence as more holiday-related search terms flood the search engines in the coming weeks.

At Burg & Co. Marketing, we understand that an effective SEO strategy is key to maintaining a powerful web presence. To help you improve your presence online and attract more visitors, here are a few tips for adjusting your SEO strategy this holiday season.

Four SEO tips for holiday marketing

  1. Tweak your titles and meta descriptions — Use titles and meta-descriptions with more holiday-related content. Users who search for a product or a service related to the holiday seasons are more likely to choose a result that uses language that reflects what they want for the season, rather than generic year-round content.

  2. Use seasonal keywords — Use Google Trends and keyword research tools to find out what holiday terms are trending the most in search queries this season. You can use these keywords in your content to help increase traffic during the holiday season. Remember, don’t force keywords in where they don’t fit. Your content should be organic and easily readable.

  3. Create powerful landing pages — Turn some existing landing pages into more holiday-themed pages. Use seasonal keywords and internal links to other holiday-related content.

  4. Leverage featured snippets — Featured snippets are the boxes that display at the top of search engine results. Often, they receive lots of clicks. These boxes usually contain long-tail keywords and address questions in short, easy-to-read formats like bullet points. Write seasonal content that may stand out in a featured snippet to increase your chances of displaying in one of these coveted positions.

Contact Burg & Co. Marketing for crafting your seasonal SEO strategy

Burg & Co. can help you maintain a year-round SEO strategy and knows what it takes to give it a boost during the holiday seasons. Contact us today if you would like to talk with one of our marketing experts about increasing your web traffic and leads with a well-rounded SEO strategy.


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