Five ways digital marketing can benefit your business

Digital marketing is a buzzword in the marketing community because those who have it love it and those who don’t use it are wondering how to get in on it. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from digital marketing. Take a look below at five of the key benefits digital marketing can have for your business:

Five key benefits of digital marketing

  1. Digital marketing is cost-effective — Traditional forms of marketing like mail ads, television commercials and billboards can be expensive. To top it off, it’s challenging to measure their effectiveness. They often have a high cost per thousand impressions (CPM) rate, which is what marketers use to measure how much it costs to reach 1,000 people.

    Digital marketing has a much lower CPM rate than traditional marketing. Plus, if you have the time, you can manage some digital marketing strategies on your own. However, many businesses choose to work with marketing professionals for optimal results.

  2. Digital marketing is highly customizable — Part of what people love about being active online is that the businesses they interact with can offer customized journeys. A digital marketing strategy can include social media marketing and email marketing campaigns that are geared toward specific interests that members of your target audience share.

  3. Digital marketing is easy to monitor — Search engine optimization (SEO), web performance, blog performance, social media performance mobile marketing performance … they can all be monitored closely by your marketing team. They can use the information about traffic, engagement, lead generation and conversion rates to continually make improvements to your digital marketing strategy.

  4. Digital marketing is on mobile platforms — People are spending more time on mobile devices than ever. Businesses who don’t have a strong mobile presence are missing out on a large potential portion of their target audience. With digital marketing, you can be active on mobile platforms as well as on desktop.

  5. Digital marketing has long-lasting effects — Commercials, billboards and other traditional types of marketing have another shared common flaw besides price: durability. Marketing on these platforms is as long-lived as your ability to keep pumping money into them. With digital marketing, the content you create and share is available for as long as you want. It won’t go anywhere until you delete it, which means it is always findable online.

    Yes, fresh and more relevant content performs better on search engines in general, but if the older content is still useful, it can still perform well. 

Talk to the Burg & Co. team to find out what digital marketing can do for you

If you’re responsible for marketing your business’s brand and services, you don’t want to miss out on digital marketing. You may already have some form of digital presence, but our digital marketing experts at Burg & Co. can help you make improvements to your strategy. Our team is here to work with you in the long run to increase your leads and improve your conversion rates. Contact Burg & Co. today to learn more about digital marketing or to schedule a consultation.

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