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Five small social media marketing tips with a big impact

Small changes can make a big impact. This is as true for your social media marketing plan as it is in the rest of your business. It’s general wisdom to look for the low-hanging fruit and quick wins wherever possible, but the challenge is often just knowing where to look for them.

Our expert team has years of expertise in the social media sphere and we see a lot of the same easy opportunities over and over again. If you’re looking to take your social media presence to the next level, make sure you’re doing these small things before spending time and resources on a larger revamp of your strategy.

Check to make sure you’re following these social media marketing tips

Small and straightforward tips for your social media presence include:

  1. Use lots of pictures — Images have been shown to consistently outperform any other type of post for engagement on social media, from links to video. Don’t just tell, show.
  1. Respond to and interact with your community — This may seem obvious, but far too many organizations will just post update after update without responding to any of the comments or mentions from followers or readers. Interaction is the key to growing and building a strong audience.
  1. Use more hashtags — Keep up with the trending hashtags in your field and work them organically into your posts. They stand a better chance of helping to lift your content if they are relevant to your audience.
  1. Have a posting schedule and content plan — The most successful social media accounts deliver consistent content that is planned out as early as possible. A content plan can help you stay top of mind with your audience by providing fresh and timely posts whenever they are browsing their feed.
  1. Get your whole team involved — While there should be a designated coordinator or point person for social media in your business, it still “takes a village” to have a successful social media presence. Other team members can contribute by sharing expertise in a post or even just being on hand to answer questions that come through from customers and followers.

While putting these social media marketing tips into place, make sure you are collecting data and making changes based on any results or trends you see.

Burg & Co. Marketing has the social media marketing expertise you need

Building a true social media presence for your business requires experience and insider expertise. Contact our team of marketing professionals to discover how we can work with you to create highly effective campaigns that will help you drive conversion, reach your sales goals and achieve a return on your marketing investment.

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