Five Secrets of Successful Content Marketing

Business of all types are finding success with content marketing, which uses content to encourage your potential customers to take action with you. Whether that’s signing up for a newsletter, further researching your business or picking up the phone to do business with you, content should be centered around your primary goal. Here are five ways to ensure success with your content marketing.

  1. Establish a strategy – The Content Marketing Institute reports that 83 percent of marketers feel a content strategy can be very effective in increasing revenue, yet only 31 percent have documented their strategy. It’s important that you take the time at the outset to determine the goal of your content marketing program, learn about your audience and what they need, and establish a strategy for how you’ll meet your goals — and help your audience meet theirs.
  1. Diversify your content types – Content isn’t just blogs. It’s white papers, podcasts, videos, interactive content, infographics — anything that delivers information and education to your audience. According to Cisco, 82 percent of all internet traffic will be made up of visual content by 2021, and 74 percent of content is already videos. Written content will be where the meat of your effort lies, since you can optimize it for the keywords that will drive the traffic to your site. But adding other content can help users consume your information in the way that most makes sense for them while leveraging other platforms like SlideShare or YouTube — which increases your reach.
  1. Develop your voice and use it consistently – The most successful content marketers develop a consistent voice for the business and use it consistently throughout all content. The goal here is to deliver a seamless experience for users so that they recognize and identify with your company every single time they encounter it. A conversational website tone with a formal, corporate white paper and fun, quippy landing page copy will only deliver a choppy experience. Better to understand your audience and deliver your content in a tone that resonates with them — and that accurately represents your company.
  1. Put your audience first – It’s tempting to develop quick and dirty content that features all your keywords and can be found easily online. But if that content isn’t relevant or useful, it’s failed. Start with what your audience wants and would most value, then optimize that content for the most success.

Burg & Co. Marketing can help with your content marketing strategy

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