Five PPC strategy secrets that can help you gain more qualified visitors to your website

A solid pay-per-click (PPC) campaign can bring you qualified leads in a smaller window of time than organic search. However, the strategy behind a PPC campaign requires a lot of research, tuning and maintenance to remain effective from start to finish. 

We believe every business, no matter how big or small, should have an equal opportunity to take advantage of PPC marketing. That’s why we’re sharing a few industry “secrets” below that you could use to leverage more success out of your PPC campaign.

Five PPC strategy secrets

  1. Search terms are as important as keywords — When selecting your keywords to bid on, you need to think about the search terms that users will use to find sites related to your keywords. Some keywords match several search terms. Others are more narrow.

    What this means for you is that certain keywords you bid on will be cast in front of a larger audience while others are placed in front of a more narrow and defined audience. Research which search terms are relevant to your products and services or audience and consider adding them to your bids as well or, if they’re words you want to avoid, adding them on your negative keyword list.

  2. You can boost your mobile ads — Mobile users make up a broad section of many target audiences. Mobile traffic is highest during the morning before work and in the evening after work. You can leverage our campaign to reach this audience by using keywords that are likely to be used by your mobile audience and by driving your keyword bids during the morning and evening hours.

  3. Get outside of Google — Yes, Google is the most popular search engine in the world, but it’s not the only one. Your target audience may also be using Bing and other services where advertising is available, such as Amazon and Facebook. Find out where your target audience is active and leverage a PPC campaign on that platform.

  4. Focus on soft conversions — A well-constructed PPC campaign can drive visitors to making a hard conversion into a client, but not everyone is ready to make this decision. Some people need more time to think or require more information. That’s why you need to make a PPC strategy that includes materials (like a demo, sample or information) that your visitors could receive in exchange for contact information. Over time, these soft conversions can lead to visitors converting into clients.

  5. Fine-tune your targeting — Finding the right keywords and making the right content isn’t all you need to do to improve your PPC strategy. You also need to fine-tune who your ads are being shown to. You can narrow your demographics based on age, location and other factors that help keep your ads in front of the eyes of those who are more likely to convert. 

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