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Five tips for improving your content marketing strategy in 2019

Having a content marketing strategy is as critical in 2019 as it has been in previous years for understanding and interacting with your audience. However, staying ahead of the curve in our fast-paced digital world requires constant attention to emerging trends and changing practices.

Being out of the loop means running the risk of your content becoming stale or missing out on a hot new platform right as it launches through the stratosphere. Our marketing experts are always immersed in the latest trends and developments to help your content marketing strategy succeed. Today, we’re sharing five things we think are going to make a splash this year.

Keep your content marketing strategy fresh by doing these five things

A winning content marketing strategy in 2019 means you should:

  1. Know your audience through research into your target demographics and creation of customer profiles.
  2. Focus on quality by taking the time to craft relevant content that is more likely to create true engagement with a target audience.
  3. Create relevant content for each phase of your customer journey. Don’t just cast a wide net at the top of your funnel to drag in high volume traffic.
  4. Respond to audience feedback by reading your comments, reviews and mentions to get a feel for what your audience is really looking for.
  5. Develop content for mobile audiences with proper formatting, more easily digestible content, more pictures and animated infographics.

Don’t forget the evergreen elements of a good content marketing strategy as well, such as collecting and analyzing data, A/B testing and implementing changes based on your findings to consolidate success.

Ultimately, you need to have a strong brand and an excellent product or service to offer. Creating high-quality content will then help you by being yet another reflection of your brand’s strength.

Build a winning content marketing strategy with Burg & Co. Marketing

We’re a high-performing team of digital storytellers who love understanding and connecting with people. Content isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are. Burg & Co. Marketing can help you create an integrated, cross-channel strategy consisting of content marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and social media marketing services.

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