Five Content Marketing Myths Busted

There’s so much information about content marketing, and so many people who think they understand it inside and out. It can be tough to determine what’s true and what’s not. Here, then, are five content marketing myths that you might encounter, and the myth-busting truth.


Myth #1: The more content, the better

While regularly publishing content that’s relevant to your audience is important, your focus should not necessarily be on frequency. Instead, look to develop high-quality content with the goal of converting customers. It’s much better to publish one excellent, value-driven blog post per week than five posts with no value or insight for readers. Ultimately, the brand with exceptional content will be the one to stand out in the search rankings.


Myth #2: My content is about my business

While your business values and benefits should align with your content messaging, content marketing is about talking with customers, not talking at them. Nobody wants to read a product brochure over and over again. Take a journalistic approach that probes for the reader’s need, and deliver on that need with informative, educational or entertaining content. Solve their challenges first, then draw the line between your insight and your business. Andy Crestodin put it best: “When creating content, be the best answer on the internet.”


Myth #3: Content marketing won’t work for my business

The best part about content marketing is that it can work for any business, regardless of the size, type or industry. Every buyer has challenges, or pain points. Take the time to dig into how your company helps your target audience, then give them content around that area — even if it’s not directly focused on your product. If you sell security systems for homes, content on protecting your property, what to do if somebody does break in, taking a belongings audit for insurance purposes — all of these are topics that might resonate with your audience. And by giving them information around their challenges, you’ll develop a relationship with them with a high likelihood of driving sales.


Myth #4: Content marketing is a quick fix

Unlike strategies like pay per click advertising, content marketing can take time to settle in and show results. Building a strategy, creating content, distributing and promoting, measuring and improving — it’s a process that, when done right, can yield great results, but which doesn’t come together overnight. It will take time to hit momentum with your content marketing, so be patient — and make sure to build your goal-setting and forecasts around that anticipated timeframe. And remember: You need to promote your content to benefit from it.


Burg & Co. Marketing can help with your content marketing strategy

Content marketing experts at Burg & Co. Marketing have extensive experience building content marketing campaigns that have driven results for businesses of all types. For more information about building a content marketing strategy that works, contact us today.


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