How to Find the Right Content Marketing Agency: Four Questions to Ask

There are so many things to consider with content — strategy, voice, execution, distribution, optimization — and it’s impossible for just one person to manage all those moving parts while measuring and improving results. Many larger businesses will have a dedicated content marketing team, but smaller or mid-sized businesses may not be able to afford such an expense.

An agency or content marketing partner can help you with the foundation, execution and ongoing measurement and improvement of content marketing. Lots of agencies will claim to deliver results — but how do you know where to put your money? Here are some ways to find the right content marketing agency for your needs — and benefit from the partnership.


Four questions to ask about your content marketing partner


  1. Can they deliver on strategy? – The Content Marketing Institute found that, while 83 percent of marketers admit a content strategy can increase revenue, only 31 percent have a documented strategy. You need a partner that knows the importance of strategy and knows how to build an effective strategy that guides all efforts. What’s their track record? Can they provide referrals or examples of strategies they’ve mapped for similar clients? Look to results to determine the best fit here.


  1. Do they know what they’re talking about? – You need a partner whose writers and researchers really understand your marketplace. They should have some level of subject matter expertise and know how to dig into the story behind your products and services. They should understand how your audience thinks and feels and craft a strategy around that. Ask about their experience with clients like you and about their results.


  1. Do they prioritize goal-setting — and achieve or exceed those goals? – Executing a content marketing strategy without a goal in mind is like shooting arrows in the night without knowing what you want to hit. It’s a waste of time, and it can be detrimental to your business. Make sure your partner places focus on setting goals — and that they actually have a track record of achieving or exceeding the goals they’ve set for other clients.


  1. Do they measure their results? – Like all marketing, content marketing must be measured, and potentially tweaked or adjusted, in order to see maximum impact. How does your potential partner measure their progress toward the stated goal? How do they communicate changes in strategy or tactics based on the data? How frequently will they update you with progress? Make sure your partner is proactive, and that you’re comfortable with them making judgment calls based on their experience and knowledge.


Burg & Co. Marketing can help with your content marketing strategy

Burg & Co. Marketing has experience in these and other content marketing factors that ensure success. We have built campaigns with strong results for businesses of all types. For more information on building a content marketing strategy that works, contact us today.


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