Digital marketing is as accessible for small businesses as it is for large corporations

Small businesses face a challenge in marketing because their larger competitors have a bigger budget. Large businesses can afford more airtime for commercials and can afford to maintain billboards, magazine ads and other traditional forms of marketing. This can be discouraging for a small business owner, but, fortunately, they can turn to digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the practice of marketing on digital platforms, such as computers or mobile devices. It primarily takes place on the web, engaging your target audience on a platform where many of them spend a lot of time. And, what’s best is that digital marketing is more affordable than you may realize.

Digital marketing is affordable

Big businesses have bigger budgets to shift toward their digital marketing efforts, but small businesses can get on board too. Some types of digital marketing can cost nothing at all if you have the time and skills to get it done yourself. 

Specifying exact differences in costs between digital marketing and traditional marketing varies depending on the marketing platform, the marketing agency and other factors, but one truth that remains consistent is that traditional marketing has a higher cost per thousand impressions (CPM). This is a rate with which many marketers analyze how much they have to spend to reach 1,000 people. The higher this cost, the less effective the marketing campaign can be considered.

With digital marketing, CPMs are a lot lower than traditional forms of marketing. That’s pretty good, especially when you also consider it has high return-on-investment (ROI) rates and conversion rates.

Small businesses have valuable knowledge

Part of what makes digital marketing effective is its ability to get useful, educational and entertaining content in the hands of your target audience. The content you create improves your visibility on search engine results pages and your trustworthiness with your target audience. 

People are likely to engage with brands who have a strong digital presence and become qualified leads or customers. Small businesses have just as much knowledge or information to share on many topics that are shared with big businesses. By creating content that your target audience will find useful, they’ll be more likely to turn to your brand when it’s time to make a conversion decision.

Let digital marketing help grow your business starting today with Burg & Co.

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