Different types of content marketing that can reach your target audience

If you’ve been looking into digital marketing, you’ve probably come across the term “content marketing” a time or two. Essentially, content marketing is the creation of content that is interesting, engaging, entertaining or otherwise valuable to your target audience. 

Content marketing comes in many forms. What’s best for you depends on your target audience and how they tend to interact with material online. Research your audience to learn more about which of the types of content below you need to be using.

Common types of content marketing 

  • Blogs — Blogs are informational websites or sections of websites that provide useful information that is easy to absorb and usually conversational in tone (hint: this is a blog post). Blogs are popular types of content because they improve your organic search traffic and web visibility. Businesses that regularly blog every week tend to have better search engine optimization (SEO) ranking than those that do not.

  • Infographics — An infographic is a type of visual content that is usually educational in nature. An infographic features written content in shorter sections that are accompanied by visual aids to support the content and help the audience understand what the content is stating. Infographics tend to perform well, especially on social media, because many target audiences like following the visual aids instead of always reading textual content.

  • Case studies — A case study is a type of written content that may be posted as a blog, but it’s not the same as your other blog posts. It is a study of how the application of a product or service has affected people. Case studies usually have statistics or quotes to support the claims of what your study finds to be true. This kind of material helps establish your brand as a trustworthy leader in its industry.

  • Videos — Videos are more popular than ever thanks to accessible platforms like YouTube. Your business can use videos in many ways, such as explaining a problem your audience may have and how they can solve it or a testimonial from existing customers. Videos often show up at the top of relevant search results, so it’s a good idea for your business to create quality video content.

  • E-books — E-books are longer forms of content (about five to 10 pages) that are usually downloadable as an exclusive material. The content of an e-book should be more in depth about a particular subject in your target audience’s interest. You can offer the e-book to users in exchange for contact information, such as a name and email, for lead generation.

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