Defining the content marketing that keeps people talking

A huge goal of any content marketing plan — up there with leads, sales and profitability — is to get people talking. And then sharing, liking and coming back for more. 

In fact, you can go so far as to say the golden rule of content marketing is to create content that is so good that people are naturally attracted to your brand and business. 

So how do you go about defining this type of content marketing? What sets good content apart from bad, or even just flat content? Well, there are many variables to this, but today we’re going to break down a few of the fundamental goals that any piece of content should be going for. 

Here’s what defines successful content marketing 

If you want to get people talking, here’s what your content needs to be: 

  • Targeted — Which people are you trying to get talking about your content exactly? Different people talk about different things, so if you don’t understand your target audience and what kinds of content they consume and the messages they respond to, they might not be drawn to your content know matter how good it is. 
  • Relevant —Once you know who your content is for, it needs to offer them something that they need. The next step in good content marketing is to build a bridge between what your audience is looking for and what you have. Now, this doesn’t have to be a sales pitch right upfront; it could be something as simple as an entertaining story from your business or important information for your industry, but it has to show why you are relevant to your audience. 
  • Valuable — This means your audience has to like it so much that they’re willing to invest their time and other people’s time in consuming it. The language and message must be compelling and engaging, the information must be trustworthy and accurate, the overall package and presentation should feel high quality. 

Delivering these three elements consistently will help you build a loyal and interested audience for your content and, by extension, your business. 

Burg & Co. can help define the right content marketing strategy for your needs

From audience profiling to crafting engaging content, we’re a team of digital storytellers with experience building brands. If you want to find out how to make content marketing work for you in a way that meaningfully strengthens your business on a cost-effective basis, we can help. 

Contact us today to learn more. We can happily schedule a free marketing consultation to help you learn more.

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