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Defining digital marketing in 2019

In some ways, digital marketing in 2019 means what it always has: building your brand and getting your message out through digital channels to generate leads and revenue for your business. But the nature of digital technology means rapid change that requires knowing the latest trends and developments to stay relevant and competitive.

Our team at Burg & Co. Marketing are experts who specialize exclusively in the world of digital marketing. By staying immersed in this ever-changing landscape, we’re able to identify the most important trends and changes while seeing how they fit into a larger marketing context. This helps us separate the worthwhile developments from the passing fads. Here, we’re sharing some of this knowledge to give you the most up-to-date digital marketing definition for 2019.

Here’s what you need to know about digital marketing today

The following trends are what we see shaping and defining digital marketing this year:

  • Content is still king — Content marketing across multiple channels continues to be relevant. What’s changing is the need to understand your full customer journey and provide helpful content at every stage, not just at the top of your funnel. Identify pain points and deliver solutions through content.
  • Audiences are increasingly mobile — Mobile searches have begun to outpace desktop searches and there is no sign that is going to slow down. Whether browsing social media, viewing an ad, searching for information or reading your company’s blog, people are now doing it on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Is your messaging optimized for a mobile audience?
  • You need to know who you’re targeting — While this has always been true, there are now more ways than ever to segment your audience and target these groups with personalized content and ads. Smart digital marketers are now developing audience profiles that understand what these consumers are looking for, how they’re looking for it and what kinds of messages they respond to best.
  • User experience matters more than ever — From site speed, to clear calls to action and offers, to helpful social media responses, people are more likely to trust and do business with a brand that provides them with a positive digital experience. Now more than ever, digital marketers should be seeking to build trust with audiences through honesty and respect.

Marketing advice that will never change is that digital marketing efforts should not be “set it and forget it.” You should always be collecting information and data, testing and analyzing results, and implementing changes if you want to stay competitive this year or any year.

Trust Burg & Co. Marketing to help you keep pace with digital marketing trends

We’re passionate about genuinely collaborating with businesses to find out exactly what their story is and who they need to be telling it to. The team of marketing professionals at Burg & Co. Marketing will work with you to craft an integrated digital marketing plan that is personalized to your business needs and prioritizes return on investment and meeting your enterprise objectives.

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