Content Marketing News: Week of November 1st

As part of our efforts to keep you informed and up-to-date with the latest in digital content marketing, Burg & Co. highlights important marketing news of the week. Our weekly content marketing news highlights will help you keep track of new digital marketing trends, strategies and research.

This week, we are taking a look at a Hubspot landing page video update, how digital subscriptions are helping the New York Times and how service is what drives sales.

1. You should publish videos on HubSpot landing pages

HubSpot, an industry leader in inbound marketing platforms and digital media tools, is now including integration for videos on landing pages. Through the business video platform Vidyard, you can now publish videos on landing pages that can have clickable CTAs.

This is a good opportunity for marketers to embrace the growing popularity of visual media as a preferred form of communication. Focus some of your content writing efforts on producing great video scripts that can help drive visitors down your sales funnel.

2. Digital Subscriptions are working

The New York Times has focused more efforts on digital marketing strategies in light of the current political atmosphere surrounding news agencies. By creating branded videos that address their audience’s concern of getting accurate facts, they’ve been able to significantly increase their digital marketing subscriptions.

This goes to show that people do want access to great content. With this news, you should be asking yourself a few questions: What does your audience want? Can you give it to them? How can you produce great content to emerge as an industry leader in the digital world?

3. Your Brand’s customer service is more important than you may realize

Anyone in the business world should know that good customer service is crucial to running a successful business. Research is showing that customer service that goes beyond the norm may set you more apart from the competition more than you realize. Many businesses offer the same products and services, but the ones who make it easiest for the customer are the most successful.

Content plays a role in this by providing quality useful resources for your customers and target audience. Content can help address someone’s issue on-demand rather than having to wait to speak with a representative.

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