Business processes development series: Content marketing 

In our initial developing business processes series post, I gave you an overview of BURG+CO.’s own process development journey. I covered some important topics like why our team thinks developing business processes is so important, some types of processes we’re working hard to develop and why we decided to tell everyone about our journey.

Now, it’s time for us to get more granular. We’re going to talk with BURG+CO.’s Content Marketing Director, Aaron Brintzenhofe, to find out more about the business processes he’s been developing for our content creation department.  

Why is developing processes for our content creation team so imperative?

Think about how many websites you looked at today either for work or for personal reasons. Did you look at five? Ten? Twenty? No matter how many you looked at, the odds are that they all had something in common: They all contained content. That’s one of the reasons why 66% of marketers expect their 2022 content marketing budget to increase more than their 2021 budget according to HubSpot. The wealth of content that content marketing teams are producing can be helped or hurt by the processes they’re using to create it. 

A content marketing process development interview with Aaron Brintzenhofe

Kelly: Good morning, Aaron! Thank you so much for agreeing to answer a few questions about the business processes you’ve been developing for the content creation department. 

Aaron: Kelly, I’m happy to be here and to be talking to you about this important topic. 

Kelly: Excellent! Then let’s dive right into our questions. 

1.Why do you think it’s important for BURG+CO. to develop and revise its processes?

The most important reason we’re taking this process development journey, for me, is that it signals we’re growing as a company. As you know, Kelly, we’ve been a relatively small team up until now. That has meant that every person could keep the processes they followed in their own head. If they needed to talk to other members of our team about them, they could do so verbally or with a brief email explanation. 

However, we’ve now reached the point where our team is getting too big to do that, so we’ve had to put our processes down in digital documents or videos. This repository of processes will allow us to easily and quickly get new team members up to speed and help us focus the majority of our efforts on helping our partners build exceptional content.

2. What business processes have you been working to document, develop or revise?

Since we started our business process development journey, I’ve worked on many processes pertaining to our content creation team. Some of the processes I’ve developed or recorded include: 

A new client onboarding process and timeline — This process allows our team to ensure we have every i dotted and every t crossed before we start creating content for new clients. 

A video on creating our monthly content creation timeline — Solid planning is vital for our content creation team. It allows us to have a clearer understanding of what content we’re creating at any given time. Our new video explaining how our monthly content creation timeline is created and updated allows me to help other team members understand the nuts and bolts of putting the timeline together. And it does so without my having to take hours out of my day to explain that process.

3. How will having documented, well-developed and up-to-date business processes in place help the employees who report to you? 

Keeping every member of our content creation team on the same page is a tough task. If we were all following different processes, it would become nearly impossible. Having clearly laid out and documented content processes help each of my direct reports work together more smoothly. 

We all know that from researching keywords for content to getting the content created and to the client, each of us is following the same set of steps. Having this knowledge along with having the documented processes available to every team member allows us to focus the majority of our efforts on creating content for our clients rather than going over processes.

4. What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone who is considering developing new business processes or updating their current ones?

Wow. That’s a great question! I would say the best advice I could give to such people is to do planning before you start developing or updating your business’s processes. Take the time to make a comprehensive list of all the processes you need to create, those you need to update and those that simply need to be documented. Just this little bit of planning will go a long way toward keeping your efforts focused and help you keep track of your progress on what can be an extensive and time-consuming journey. 

Kelly: Thank you so much for stopping by to answer these content marketing process development questions, Aaron. 

Aaron: My pleasure, Kelly. I hope anyone listening to or reading this interview will find some useful information that will help them on their own business process development journey.

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