Business process development series: Web development

In our initial developing business processes series post, I gave you an overview of BURG+CO.’s own process development journey. I covered some important topics like why our team thinks developing business processes is so important, some types of processes we’re working hard to develop and why we decided to tell everyone about our journey. In our second post, we talked about content and how we’re building processes for our content creation team. 

Now, it’s time for us to shift into a more technical gear. I’m going to talk with BURG+CO.’s Chief Technology Officer, Levi Winglewich, to find out more about the business processes he’s been developing for our web development team.

Why is developing business processes for our web development team so important?

The internet, websites, social media. All these things are commonplace, but have you stopped to think about just how common these three things are? Let’s take some time to look at the usage of each of these mediums. 

First, there’s the internet, which statistics from April 2022 show is used by 63% of everyone in the world. Websites? Statistics gathered in 2022 show that there are about 200 million active websites on the internet. Social media? April 2022 statistics reveal that 4.65 billion people are active social media users, which equates to about 93% of total internet users. 

The reason it’s important to keep these statistics in mind is that they help highlight how vital web technology and development are, and they also highlight how critical developing effective business processes for our web development team is. 

A web development process development interview with Levi Winglewich

Kelly: Hey, Levi! Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions about the business processes you’ve been developing for our web team. 

Levi: Kelly, thanks for having me here to discuss this very important topic. 

Kelly: All right, let’s dive right in.

1.Why do you think it’s important for BURG+CO. to develop and revise its processes?

It’s important for BURG+CO. to develop and revise processes because content and the internet is changing at a faster rate than ever before. Between new platforms rising up and the older platforms adapting, you’re always swimming up current. If you don’t go faster than the flow, you are moving backward. 

2. What business processes have you been working to document, develop or revise?

My team and I have been working to make our clients’ websites run more efficiently and be more user friendly. Making sites more efficient means getting webpages to load faster, keeping the algorithms and search engines happy, and keeping the back end of the website clean and concise. 

Our sites are getting more user friendly on the front end by reducing the amount of time it takes for a new visitor to get the information they need. Also, once they have made up their mind, they can sign up or make a purchase with as few speed bumps as possible. 

On the back end, we’re working on integrating more user-friendly software such as the Burg Builder. This tool allows anyone working on the website to have a clean visual page builder that generates clean code and makes changes on the site super simple. Also, we’re striving to streamline form submissions. To achieve that, we provide the ability to connect the forms on the front end of the site to any CRM or EMR that the client may have. This allows clients to automate many tedious tasks.

3. How will having documented, well-developed and up-to-date business processes in place help the employees who report to you? 

Having well-developed processes, especially in the web development world, is a must. Whether you’re bringing on new employees or teaching new processes to an employee who has been around for a while, you always want to have a reference sheet for processes. Otherwise, you end up in some bad scenarios. The three worst scenarios are:

  1. Having everyone in a team do it their own way.
  2. Having to derail an employee to show them a process.
  3. Having to look at a site and reverse-engineer how it was done in the past.

Having clear processes saves time and resources and keeps our web dev team from encountering these three scenarios.

4. What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone who is considering developing new business processes or updating their current ones?

My best advice would be to know your end goal and explain it simply. When creating a process, it’s best to have one end goal and run through it a couple times to make sure it is the most efficient way from point A to point B. Trying to cover too much in one process can make things confusing and hard to follow. 

For example, if you’re giving someone directions, if you tell them that there is a good ice cream shop on the path and mention some fun landmarks they should stop at on the way, it’s going to add a lot of distractions that take away from the end goal. 

On the other hand, I do like to add some explanation of why I do things to stress the importance. If the process requires the user to add alt text to the images, it helps stress the importance of having a good description and not something like “img1.jpg.” For instance, I might add that a solid description helps search engines find and index the page more easily or that good descriptions make things easier on page readers for the visually impared.

Kelly: I really appreciate you stopping by to answer some web dev process development questions, Levi. 

Levi: Glad to, Kelly. I hope anyone listening to or reading this interview will find some useful information. I also hope the information will help them as they go on their own business processes development journey.

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