How Boring Industries Can Be a Thrill on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are exciting platforms that allow users to interact with friends and with what is interesting in the world around them. For businesses that are not particularly exciting, this may be a problem.

You know what we mean. Most people don’t exactly get on Facebook and look forward to seeing your post about new doormats your business sells. However, since social media marketing is so valuable for interacting with your target audience and potentially leading followers down a sales funnel, boring businesses need to find a way to engage.

If you think your business is part of a boring industry, the following tips are for you:

1. Show the human side of your business

This is one of the most important rules of using social media. Many businesses without a social media strategy tend to frequently post advertising on Facebook. While it’s important to let clients know about special deals or new products, the frequency of advertising posts should be a lot lower than you probably think.

Instead, much of your content should focus on showing the human side of your business. Share people’s stories and why they love doing what they do. Share birthdays and celebrations and other events.

Remember, social media is inherently a tool for friends to connect with friends, so show your users how your business can be a friend with the faces behind your brand.

2. Stay in tune with what is trending

Is there a trending hashtag going around that you might be able to use in a fun and creative way? See how you can use a trending hashtag, like #tbt (throwback Thursday) to share a bit about your brand or services.

Be careful to research the movement behind a trend before you use it. You don’t want to accidentally capitalize on sensitive topics like when Digiorno pizza used #WhyIstayed to promote their frozen pizzas over going out for pizza. This hashtag is meant for women to share why they stayed in abusive relationships. Yikes. Cringing? Yeah, we are too.

3. Educate your audience

Who doesn’t love getting helpful advice for making life a little easier? You should share tips or tricks related to topics that your target audience’s interest. Not only will this inform and educate your audience, it demonstrates your reliability as an industry expert.

Burg & Co. Marketing can help brighten a boring business’s social media performance

Our marketing experts have years of experience in developing social media marketing strategies. Contact us today if you would like help with improving your social media engagement, site traffic and revenue.

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