7 reasons why content marketing is important enough to make or break your healthcare clinic

When you go online, or scroll through your favorite apps, you’re seeing all kinds of content. From podcasts to blog posts, there are so many different ways to be entertained, hear different opinions and learn new information. In the world of marketing, content plays a pivotal role in growing your business, especially as a healthcare clinic.

Content marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing. Content can be personalized to fit a specific digital avenue. For example, an infographic is content that’s easy to share on social media. As a healthcare clinic, you can use content marketing to reach digital audiences to increase patient acquisition and retention. 

7 reasons you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of content marketing for your clinic

Content marketing can be utilized for any type of business. When it comes to a healthcare clinic, the right content can educate patients. It will help them determine when and why they should seek out your services to improve their health and wellness.

Here are seven reasons that content marketing plays a pivotal role in your healthcare clinic:

  • Builds trust — Quality patient-provider relationships are based on trust. They’re essential to patient acquisition and retention. That trust can be established and built through content marketing. Patients can engage with you through posts and ask questions. They can form a connection and feel like you truly care about their well-being. You can also build trust through content that shows your face, such as videos. It helps them put a face to the name of the brand while being relatable and authentic.
  • Showcases expertise — While there are some places where people are willing to settle, healthcare is not one of them. People want healthcare providers that are professional and knowledgeable and that will provide the best patient care possible. Through informative content, such as facts about health misconceptions and tips to stay healthy during flu season, current and potential patients can experience your expertise before even stepping into your office. 
  • Reaches target demographics — Incorporating content into your digital marketing strategy helps you personalize your campaigns and home in on your target audience. For example, if you’re a physical therapist, your content can reach labor-intensive workers who experience muscle pain. If your clinic focuses on sports medicine, you can focus on content that’s sports specific, such as a blog post about common football injuries. The right content will help spread the word about your services to those who need them.
  • Builds social media following — It’s no secret that social media can play a significant role in a marketing strategy’s success. The reason why content marketing works so well for social media is because content can spread quickly across a platform. For example, blog posts can be shared over and over on Facebook. A visually appealing infographic can be posted on a person’s Instagram story and seen by hundreds or thousands of followers. It can increase your online presence.
  • Appeals to SEO Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about increasing your brand awareness. It gets your clinic’s name in front of the right people on search engine result pages (SERPs). To move your rank higher for relevant keyword SERPs, you should be creating high-quality content that appeals to the search engine’s algorithm. When the search engine recognizes your content as high quality and trustworthy, so will the search users.
  • Sheds light on potential concerns — There are many types of content that you can make. A healthcare clinic should prioritize informational content that provides important knowledge to current and potential patients. Content like “When you should be concerned about your constant headaches” and “Common symptoms of arthritis to be aware of” can help your patients be more aware of their health and recognize when they need your help.
  • Boosts conversions — One of the most common end goals for a digital marketing strategy is to bring more traffic to your site, leading to conversions and revenue. The right content will motivate people to follow your CTA (call to action) and visit your website to either book an appointment or fill out forms for future contact. When you’re consistently creating helpful, engaging content, you’re more likely to have patient conversions and acquisition. They’ll feel educated by your content and feel comfortable giving you their business.

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