3 things that financial advisors may overlook when working with digital marketing teams

Becoming a top-tier financial advisor has always been your goal, and meeting your goal will likely require a lot of long days, late nights and a huge amount of effort. Yet all this work leaves little time to promote your company online. That’s why you’ve turned to a digital marketing company. 

Sound like a familiar story? It’s one that our digital marketing team has definitely heard from the financial advisors we’ve worked with. We’ve written some content looking at what digital marketing teams need to consider when working with financial advisors. However, we also wanted to look at the other side of the coin and help financial advisors think about what they might overlook when working with digital marketing teams like ours. 

Financial advisors may overlook these 3 things when working with digital marketing teams

Each financial services company and financial advisor requires a unique approach from a digital marketing perspective. However, there are typically similar goals to most digital marketing strategies. Finance industry clients will usually want exceptional content created for them. They’ll also typically wish to streamline the user experience on their site and rank higher in relevant searches. There are many things that can derail a digital marketing company’s quest to achieve these goals, but these three things are the most likely to create obstacles in their path:  

1.Lack of knowledge about liabilities. 

Every financial advisor or financial services company has specific things they can’t talk about. The reason? Talking or offering advice about them could create legal liabilities for the individual or company. Digital marketing companies, even ones that have a long track record of working with financial services clients, may not know what specific topics or advice could be a liability for your company. That’s why it’s vital for you or your legal team to coordinate closely with your digital marketing partner about what they can or cannot talk about in the content they’re creating for you. 

2. Not planning ahead for time-specific content.

Financial services content often takes longer to approve and post than other types of content. As the client, it’s just as important for you to keep this fact in mind as it is for your digital marketing partner. You are, or should be, an integral part of the content planning and approval process, after all. Yet it’s so easy to lose track of things when you’re busy. 

That’s why you should consider sitting down with your digital marketing partner and planning ahead if you have time-sensitive content you wish to have created. For instance, you might work out a content plan with your digital marketing partner for tax season-related content. This plan should allow this type of content to be written and approved several months before April arrives. 

3. Not letting your digital marketing partner know about major company events.

Your team is taking part in a charity 5K event. You’re partnering with a local food bank. These are examples of the types of major events that your company should be highlighting. One thing that might keep you from doing so is not letting your digital marketing partner know about such events in a timely manner. 

As a result, the search ranking and visibility benefits you might have reaped from letting people know about your participation are likely to be muted or nonexistent. You can easily avoid such a scenario. One way to do so is to meet with your digital marketing partner regularly and make it a point to let them know about events your team will be participating in well in advance. 

These are just a few of the factors that financial advisors should consider when working with a digital marketing partner. Yet working with the right partner can help make sure you’re considering these and other factors that might make reaching your goals harder. 

BURG+CO. can help financial advisors hone their digital marketing approach

Increasing traffic to your website plays a role in increasing conversions and bringing in new clients. However, it’s difficult to attract visitors to your financial advising company’s site when you don’t know what to do. Fortunately, our team at BURG+CO. specializes in helping all types of businesses increase their website traffic. 

Our team has years of experience in helping businesses improve their digital presence to attract new leads and retain existing ones. If you’re looking to perform better in search engine results and attract more visitors to your site, we’re ready to talk to you to see how we can help. Contact our team today for more information about digital marketing or to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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