3 actions that can be counted as conversions in digital marketing

Conversions may appear to be a straightforward concept, especially to those who are considering them from a sales perspective. They occur when a user makes a purchase on a website. However, that’s only one way that conversions are viewed in digital marketing circles. 

Here are three other actions that are typically counted as conversions in digital marketing terms:

 1. Viewing a video.

The number of people and businesses who are making videos is astounding if you stop and think about it. First, though, take a look at your watch or clock, and keep looking at it for 1 full minute. During that brief stop to look at your timepiece, more than 500 hours of video was uploaded to YouTube. 

One of those videos might even be yours. If someone watches it, digital marketers would often count that action as a conversion. Especially if the person hits a goal that you’ve set for the video. This goal may include things like watching for a certain amount of time or interacting with things you’ve embedded in the video. 

2. Filling out an e-form.

Having a person fill out a form is the primary way that businesses obtain information they need to help that person. However, this action may also be considered a conversion. Why is that? From a digital marketing perspective, it indicates that the person wants to know more of the story about a product, service or company. It also tells digital marketers that they’ve successfully created a desire for more information in that potential customer, and someone with that desire is more likely to become a purchaser of the company’s products or services. 

3. Perusing blog posts or webpage content.

Through heat mapping and other digital techniques, digital marketers can tell how much of a blog post or webpage someone is reading. As a result, goals can be set that equate to a conversion in the digital marketing sense. A common example is counting it as a conversion if the person reads past a certain point on the page. How much time they spend on the page can also be conversion worthy if it meets a predetermined goal. Additionally, digital content can be designed to include forms, chat boxes and other embedded elements. Interacting with these elements can also be considered a conversion. 

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