2 benefits even affordable local SEO services should be offering you

There’s an old saying that you seldom get something for nothing, and that’s definitely true of digital marketing in most cases. However, small local businesses seldom have the capital to invest in expensive and expansive digital marketing strategies. So, they may opt to go with affordable local search engine optimization (SEO) services instead. 

However, small-business owners and marketing teams should be careful. For one thing, being affordable shouldn’t mean that your local SEO services don’t provide certain key benefits. 

2 benefits that affordable local SEO services should still be offering you

One way to judge local SEO and other digital marketing services is by their affordability. However, a measure that is nearly as important is how and how much they can benefit your business. Your business may indeed benefit less from a less expensive option. But the local SEO services you pick should still be capable of providing these two key benefits: 

  1. Getting your website into Google’s local 3-pack.

When you do a search for a business on Google, you’ve probably noticed that a map and three businesses of the type you searched for appear. Often, this element occurs to the right of the list of search results. The element we’re talking about is called the Google local 3-pack

It is here that Google returns the top three businesses that are most likely to meet the searcher’s needs and that are close to the searcher’s current location. Local SEO services, even affordable ones, should be working to get your business included in the Google 3-pack. They should be doing so for specific relevant and popular keywords that apply to your business. Your services should also be seeking to boost your small business’s expertise, authoritativeness and trust in Google’s eyes

  1. Enhancing your business’s visibility on Google Maps.

It’s very difficult to show up on Google Maps generated by search requests if Google doesn’t know your business is there. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution. Either you or your local SEO service should fill out a Google Business Profile. You may have heard of this before under the name Google My Business. This profile allows you to input key information about your business, such as: 

  • Address.
  • Phone number. 
  • Operating hours. 
  • Photos.
  • Your logo.
  • A link to your website.
  • Customer reviews of your business. 

Having a profile with all this information filled in makes your business more attractive to Google. It also makes appearing on the Google Map of local businesses easier, and it can even help your chances of appearing in the local 3-pack. 

There can be many other benefits of working with local SEO services to be sure. Yet these two benefits are a bare minimum of what your business should expect from such services, no matter how low cost they are. However, there are also additional benefits that a solid local SEO strategy can offer, and they don’t all come as a result of spending more, either. Some of these additional benefits include higher organic search rankings, improved foot traffic to your business and increased numbers of repeat customers.

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