Why you should start using social media for marketing if you’re not already

Why you should start using social media for marketing if you’re not already

If you don’t know much about social media marketing (which is probably why you’re here), you may be surprised to hear that it can have a big impact on the growth of your business. Social media marketing is the practice of engaging with your target audience on popular social media platforms. For some businesses, this includes being active on more than one social media platform. 

This might seem exhausting, but social media marketing is more manageable than you might realize and its results are undeniably beneficial. 

Social media marketing is practically free

It doesn’t cost anything to create an account on most popular social media platforms. This means you can immediately begin using them to connect your brand with your target audience without an additional cost to your current marketing strategy.

Some social media platforms do offer options for paid advertising, which is usually inexpensive compared to traditional forms of marketing. You can pay to promote a post or your brand and get it in front of the eyes of people who are not your followers yet but are interested in the kinds of services your business offers.

Social media marketing improves brand awareness

You should be posting regular content on a blog for your business to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and attract more traffic to your site. You can share these posts on your social media accounts to help get more traffic to these pages. However, not everyone is going to click on the links to the posts that you share. This is OK. 

When people don’t click on your post, they still see it. This shows them that your brand is active and will help keep your brand in their minds when they do determine they need the kind of information or services and products that your brand offers.

Social media marketing improves customer service

Sooner or later, customers and people who are interested in your services will have questions or comments about something. While your site probably has a contact form or a phone number, many people might prefer communicating through social media.

By maintaining an active presence on social media, your brand can quickly address questions, thoughts and reviews from followers. This shows them and other people that you care and are willing to provide excellent customer service, which improves customer loyalty to your brand. 

Social media is growing

In 2019, there are more than 3 billion users across the world who are active on social media. Studies show this number is only going up. If you don’t think social media marketing is right for you at the moment, it certainly will be in the future. By that point, you may be miles behind the competition. It’s in your best interest to get started now if you want to have a more powerful social media presence in the future. 

Ready to find out what social media marketing is all about? Talk to Burg & Co. today

If you’re ready to reach more members of your target audience, improve traffic to your site and increase lead generation and conversion rates, it’s time to start your social media marketing strategy. Our experienced marketing professionals at Burg & Co. can help you get started and will stick with you to maintain your strategy. Contact Burg & Co. today to learn more about social media marketing or to schedule a consultation.

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