Why you should partner with a social media marketing company

Social media marketing should be an exciting prospect for businesses of all sizes. 

First of all, just by signing up for an account, you have a platform that allows you to reach billions of users across the globe. Then, by developing the right audience and engaging with them through quality content, you can nurture them into loyal customers and even outspoken advocates for your brand. 

However, businesses often find themselves running into a range of challenges on this front. On the one hand, initial enthusiasm can turn into disappointment when numbers of followers don’t meet expectations or if posts don’t seem to be converting into tangible leads or sales. On the other hand, if your in-house efforts are successful, you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed managing followers and content calendars, posting schedules, and keeping up to date with ever-changing best practices for various social media platforms. 

This is where working with a dedicated social media marketing company can help. 

Benefits of working with a specialized social media company 

Digital marketing agencies that emphasize social media spend day in and day out navigating the various obstacles that every business faces — which is why they are able to offer these key benefits: 

  • Experience — Like in any other field, experience can help recognize trends from fads, opportunities from mistakes and how to quickly get a social media marketing campaign off the ground smoothly. 
  • Dedicated resources — Agencies have access to optimization tools to help streamline operations that are often cost prohibitive to individual businesses. They also typically have dedicated contacts with social media platforms that allow them to cut through red tape when handling disputes or getting questions answered. 
  • Specialized skills — From adding followers to creating compelling content, social media marketing companies employ experienced marketing professionals who have learned and refined best practices in this field. 

However, it’s important not to overspecialize. The right social media partner should have expertise in a wide range of digital channels to help you integrate social media marketing with your other efforts. 

Burg & Co. Marketing understands social media 

Our social media professionals have helped some of the biggest brands tell their stories and build their audiences on all the major platforms. What’s more, we’re a fully integrated digital agency that knows how to make social media work with search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) and content marketing to create a holistic marketing plan to help you achieve a solid return on your marketing investment. 

Contact us today to learn more and schedule your free marketing consultation.

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