Three ways your business needs to keep up with the boom of mobile marketing

The mobile internet is here to stay. According to Google, more than 50% of online searches are now performed on a mobile device. This number is only going to continue to grow as smartphones become the norm and mobile technology continues to develop.

This coincides with another trend: the continuing rise of E-commerce. If more people are doing their business online and more of those people are using mobile devices, it means that your business needs to have a mobile marketing plan to keep up with this boom.

Even if your business has realized it’s time to go mobile, it can be hard to know where to start and what changes you should make. To help, our mobile marketing experts are sharing three of the best places to start.

Here are three mobile marketing tips to take advantage of

Whether your customer is on a mobile device or a desktop or laptop computer, the person on the other end is the same. That means your marketing fundamentals should stay the same as you try to build connections with your audience and get your messaging across. Mobile marketing just changes some of the ways this message gets delivered.

Here’s how you can stay competitive and get your word out to people who are on the go:

  1. Have a fast loading site — Not only is site speed becoming an increasingly important ranking factor for search engines, but it’s a bigger priority for mobile users who may have slower connections and less powerful hardware than desktop users. Web development efforts should prioritize a fast-loading site.

  2. Have properly formatted content — Your website should look just as good and be just as functional on a smartphone as if someone were viewing it on a computer. This means developers, designers and even content writers must specialize in the mobile web and quality assurance testing that includes mobile devices.

  3. Target conversational searches — More mobile searches means more people using a digital assistant and voice commands to perform these searches. For search engine optimization (SEO) this means a trend toward longer, more conversational searches. While keywords are still very important, content creation is starting to involve pages that are designed to answer these more natural questions that people are asking the search engines.

The mobile marketing boom is only going to continue to gain steam, and the most successful businesses in this area are going to have expert partners.

Burg & Co. knows mobile marketing

From mobile SEO and streamlined content to social media, our digital marketing experts have been ahead of the mobile curve for years. We can help you develop and implement a mobile strategy that can help your business reach a bigger audience, achieve your lead generation goals and see a return on investment for your marketing budget. Contact us today to learn more.

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