Three social media marketing benefits for small businesses

Is investing in social media marketing right for your small business? It’s extraordinarily easy to start an account on one or two platforms; however, many businesses start to grow frustrated when they don’t see any results. 

Even by posting regularly and hustling to grow followers, you may start to wonder if the time and effort you’re putting into social media marketing will ever see a return in terms of leads or sales for your small business. 

While these concerns are genuine, so are the potential benefits of social media marketing. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms have users who number in the billions. By properly harnessing these platforms, your small business can strengthen its brand, grow its audience and generate the results you need for success. 

Tangible social media marketing benefits for small businesses

Here’s what social media marketing can offer your business: 

  1. Community and reputation management — Social media gives your brand an authoritative platform to tell your story, all while engaging with your current and potential customers. Even in difficult situations, social media gives you the chance to control the conversation and make things right, which is crucial for long-term brand loyalty. By nurturing your closest followers, you can even make them de facto advocates for your business. 
  2. Unparalleled customer data — By knowing who your customers are, you can reach them more easily to keep them informed about your products, services and offerings. Social media platforms are able to offer businesses in-depth audience profiling, allowing you to target highly specific groups with your posts.  
  3. A platform for your content — Whether it’s a blog post, a press release, a product announcement or an event, sharing on social media gets you an instant audience of people who are primed to hear what you have to say. 

To fully realize these benefits, many small businesses turn to a dedicated partner to help them develop a successful and custom-tailored social media marketing strategy. 

Burg & Co. Marketing — your social media experts

From selecting the platforms and content that are the fit for your business to building your audience and converting to leads and sales, we’ll not only stay tightly focused on your brand, but we’ll also help you achieve a solid return on your marketing investment. 

At Burg & Co. Marketing, our team is composed of experienced professionals combining technical expertise with creative know-how in social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and content marketing. 

To get started, contact us today. We’ll be glad to help you schedule a free marketing consultation to learn more about the power of social media and other channels for your small business.

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