Three ideas that can help physical therapy practices with their digital marketing

Physical therapy providers make up a huge slice of the U.S. health care market. According to one source, this entire industry will be worth nearly $46 billion by 2023

Digital marketing is a service that has several goals. First, it can help your physical therapy practice engage with and inspire the people in your community. Second, digital marketing can help convert the people you engage into patients. For individual physical therapy practices, digital marketing is one way to ensure positive financial growth. 

These three digital marketing ideas can help your physical therapy practice: 

  1. Market to past patients — It’s definitely important to bring new patients into your physical therapy practice, but staying engaged with past patients is just as important. Regular social media posts can help you engage and provide information to prospective and past patients alike. 

Marketing professionals can also help you build email remarketing campaigns that keep your past patients aware of promotions and other important information about your practice. 

  1. Run regular promotions — People are often more likely to use a service if they’re getting a good deal. Physical therapy practices can run promotions through social media campaigns, Google Ads campaigns or email campaigns. 

Such promotions can offer prospective and existing patients deals on services that your practice offers. An example would be running a promotion for a certain percentage off on appointments for lower back pain.

  1. Wade into video content — Creating engaging and informative video content is something that your physical therapy practice should be doing. After all, a HubSpot digital consumer trends report shows that 54% of people want to see video content from a brand or business that they use. 

Marketing professionals can help physical therapy providers learn how to optimize the video content that you create. In turn, this ensures that it has the ability to engage your current patients and bring in new patients. 

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