Social Media Marketing News: Week of November 15th

Burg & Co. wants to keep you informed on the latest in social media marketing trends, so you can stay ahead of the competition and attract more followers, leads and customers. Our weekly social media marketing highlights can help you keep track of new policies, updates and trends.

This week, we’re taking a look at some news about Twitter character counts, LinkedIn content tracking and a Facebook Messenger update.

1. Short Tweets are still the sweetest Tweets

Nearly a year ago, Twitter increased the character length of posts to 280 characters. However, according to Twitter research, the average Tweet is 33 characters. Only three percent of Tweets exceed 190 characters.

What this means for you is people are used to reading short and abbreviated content on Twitter. The occasional longer Tweet is okay when used in the right context, but consider creating more short and sweet Tweets to win your audience’s attention.

2. LinkedIn sponsored content can now be tracked in Google

LinkedIn offers PPC advertising that is beneficial for brands whose target audiences favor the social media platform. If your brand is active on LinkedIn, you’ll appreciate the integration of LinkedIn Sponsored Content and Google Campaign Manager.

This merger allows you to view LinkedIn ad campaign performance side-by-side your other ad performance and to be better equipped to fine-tune the details of your ad campaign.

3. Facebook messenger is connecting people and businesses

Facebook is introducing a new Messenger that simplifies its organization with new features, such as the Chats tab, People tab and Discover tab. The Discover tab allows people to connect with a brand directly, instead of leaving comments and waiting for a response.

This is beneficial for marketers because you can address feedback and concerns quickly and more personally. Using this feature is great for you because customer service is so important to a successful business.

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