Social media marketing news: Week of January 20

As social media continues to change the dynamics of digital marketing in a big way, marketers and stakeholders are making continual adjustments to their strategies. Social media marketing is one of the newest pillars, and as such there are near-constant changes to best practices and winning tactics to help build an organic community while still driving leads and reaching other targets. 

That’s why it’s critical to stay on top of the latest news and developments that can affect this industry — or know someone who is able to. Since we’re always taking deep dives into the ocean of social media marketing news, we’re happy to share what we find. This week, we’ve got stories on the dominance of Facebook apps, new features for Instagram and how Pinterest is becoming a surprising contender in the social media space. 

Facebook apps dominate 2019 downloads

With companies and researchers publishing their 2019 figures, it was recently revealed that Facebook, and Facebook-owned apps, continue to have a large footprint on downloads. In a recent list from app analytics provider SensorTower, Facebook-owned apps came in at one, three, four and five. These apps were WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Facebook and Instagram, respectively. 

For social media marketers, this just underscores the importance of keeping your strategy Instagram and Facebook focused if you’re looking to reach a large audience. This is especially true as mobile continues to become the primary platform for digital marketing. 

Instagram is testing a Maps sticker for Instagram Stories

As influencers and storytellers are looking for new ways to engage with their audiences, social media giant Instagram is always testing out new features. According to researchers, one of these features is a map sticker that can highlight a user’s general, but not exact, location. Among other benefits, this could be a potential way to engage with nearby audiences. 

Instagram is reportedly trying to address privacy concerns by not allowing the map to be zoomed in too closely. While other companies, such as Facebook, have tested a similar feature for in the past without fully implementing it, Instagram itself has used a similar map function in its messaging app, called Threads. 

Pinterest becomes third most popular social media platform in the United States

Overtaking Snapchat, Pinterest is now ranked No. 3 on the list of most popular social media platforms by total number of users. Last year, the total number of Pinterest users grew by a significant 9.1% margin while Snapchat only grew 5.9% to reach 80.2 million users. This trend is forecasted to continue for the next couple of years, with the growing platform projected to reach over 90 million by 2022. 

Marketing audiences for Pinterest will continue to be a bit of a niche affair, but as the platform continues to grow there will be more and more eyes pinning and sharing an increasingly diverse array of subjects. 

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