Social media marketing news: Week of February 17

Social media marketing is all about reaching the right audience through technology. Keeping up with the technology side of it can be extremely challenging, with new platforms launching all the time and existing platforms constantly updating policies and procedures.

That’s why you need to be ahead of the news and information that is driving the industry. Digital professionals have to live in the fast lane of social media marketing news, and we’re always sharing what we find to help our partners keep up. This week, we have two big updates in the form of Twitter acquiring Chroma Labs and Facebook testing a new format for a separate Facebook Stories discovery page and new functions to make it easier to access a chronological news feed. 

Twitter acquires Chroma Labs

With visual storytelling features, such as Instagram Stories, being an increasingly central function on social media platforms, Twitter may be looking to get in on the action. It recently announced the acquisition of Chroma Labs, developers of the Chroma Stories App that adds a range of styles and filters to stories content. 

The social media giant shared that it will be using these assets, including the expertise of longtime Instagram veteran and Chroma Labs founder John Barnett, to “give people more creative ways to express themselves on Twitter.” This points to the likelihood of Twitter soon adding some level of storytelling functionality to its service. 

Facebook is testing new formats and adding new functions

With statistics showing a large move toward stories sharing compared to feed sharing, Facebook is continually testing new formats for its Stories discovery page. This page can be accessed through the “see all stories” prompt under the Facebook Stories bar. In addition to other new features, the primary changes are the more visually appealing addition of larger panels. 

In terms of its more traditional news feed, Facebook has also recently added functionality to make it easier to view a chronological timeline compared to the algorithm-driven feed that has been the default for years. While the algorithm is designed to offer up the stories that a user is most likely to engage with based on a number of factors, it causes many posts to be lost in the shuffle. While a purely chronological feed has always been available, it was buried under layers of options, making it difficult to know it was there. It will be interesting to see if this easier access leads to changes in organic social media visibility for marketers.

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