Social media marketing news: Week of August 17, 2020

Social media marketing continues to change the way we look at digital marketing as a whole on almost a weekly basis. With this communication platform offering new ways to interact with your audience and build a following, savvy marketers need to know the latest trends in the field.

We’re always coming across important social media marketing news as a direct result of our line of work, and we think it’s important to share what we come across with our partners. This week, we’re taking a look at TikTok’s branding education, Twitter’s new “Quotes” feature and Google’s new image labels.

TikTok is hosting an event to help users create branded AR effects

Augmented reality (AR) is quickly catching on as a phenomenon enjoyed by a wide demographic of smartphone users. Some marketers have already made use of AR for advertising, such as promoting a movie by releasing an AR avatar in Snapchat. 

TikTok is the newest major social video platform in town, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Users can use its Brand Effect and Partner Program to build engaging ad features, including AR. Marketers who want to connect with their audience on TikTok can join the company’s seminar to learn how brands can use AR to engage with the TikTok community. 

Twitter launches the “Quotes” feature

Twitter has officially rolled out a separate count listing for “Quote Tweets” on the main tweet display. Recently, Twitter created a separate listing for retweets and retweets with comments for users to see on their main page. However, this language appears to have been confusing for many users, so Twitter has officially relabeled it and launched the feature as Quote Tweets.

This feature is important for marketers who want to track their user engagement or be able to respond easily to users who share or comment on their tweets.

Google is updating its image labels in search results

Having an image helps improve user engagement on a webpage or social media post. However, not everyone has the time or skills to capture their own quality images, nor does everyone want to pay for images on a platform like Shutterstock.

It’s always been an option to use some images that allow permission as long as credit is given to the image host. However, it has been historically challenging to find images that offer sharing permissions. Now, Google is rolling out its Licensable labels feature to Google image search results to help people find images they can legally use with permission.

This will be a boost to search engine and social media marketers who rely on images to help drive user engagement with their posts.

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