SEO news: week of April 29

One of the biggest parts of being a successful search engine optimization (SEO) marketer is keeping up with all the latest news in the field. Scouring news feeds, blogs and discussion groups for the latest trends can start to feel like a full time job. If your business or brand relies on an SEO strategy of any kind, you can’t afford to miss out on the latest updates from search engines or new trends that could affect your content plan.

That’s where marketing specialists come in. By being subject matter experts, the Burg & Co. Marketing team is happy to share the latest news we’ve encountered in the ever-changing SEO sector. As is often the case for SEO, this week’s SEO news items are heavily Google-centric. Here, we help you learn more about the search giant’s March 2019 update to its core algorithm and how to create short URLs through Google My Business.

Big updates in Google’s core algorithm

Back in March, Google made some broad updates to its core search algorithm that helps it deliver search results to users. SEO researchers identified some of these changes and began calling it the “Florida 2 update” before Google stepped in to confirm and give it the more straightforward title of “March 2019 core update.”

There is some speculation that this could be one of the biggest updates to the algorithm in years and have some long-term effects on site rankings. Google is notoriously tight-lipped about the exact nature of these updates, leaving SEO experts to speculate about how it will affect the industry. This speculation includes theories about linking practices due to increased crawling of links before the update and site authority due to comments from Google representatives regarding “trust” in a video conference with webmasters.

Google My Business launches short names and short URLs for business listings

To help businesses become more accessible to customers, Google has launched a feature in Google My Business to allow companies to create custom short names and short URLs in the listings displayed on search results pages. This feature has not been publicly announced and is not yet available to all businesses, but it is out of the testing phase and has a tutorial on the My Business help site.

This can help businesses from an SEO standpoint by making your business’s website more recognizable and easier to navigate to. In turn, this can increase traffic to your website and potentially help you rank high on the search engine results page.

Burg & Co. can take your SEO and digital marketing to the next level

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