Marketing on social media — what’s right for your brand?

Not too long ago, having a presence on one or more social media platforms felt more like a choice for businesses and other organizations. Maybe it was necessary for technology start-ups and businesses aiming toward a younger audience, but traditional and established companies could still get along just fine without being on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. 

Even companies using other digital marketing channels, including pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO), may not have seen the necessity of marketing on social media. 

Today, however, it’s not a question of whether your organization is on a social media platform; it’s more about how much of a presence to have and what types of marketing to engage in. To help answer these questions, many businesses turn to a partner with social media marketing experience. Doing so can help you determine the optimal strategy for your business.

By taking some time to familiarize yourself with the basic approaches to marketing on social media, you can be more engaged with the process and make the right decision for you. 

Types of marketing on social media 

One of the first choices to make when developing a social media marketing strategy is to consider which platforms are right for your brand. Marketing resources are always limited, and while it may be tempting to take a blanket approach, spreading yourself too thin and diluting your message are tangible risks when you try to be involved on too many platforms. 

Instead, focus on one to three platforms that fit your brand image and your audience profile the best. A law firm looking to build a client list in the corporate business world should probably be on LinkedIn, not Instagram, while the opposite is probably true for a hip, fashion-forward hair salon. 

From there, your business needs to create a strategy for marketing on its chosen social media platforms based on your goals. For most organizations, marketing on social media usually involves some mix of the following activities: 

  • Community building and management through direct interactions with potential, current and former customers
  • Content marketing through sharing company blogs, videos and other useful informational tidbits
  • Promotional marketing through organic posts about your products, services and other offerings
  • Social media advertising through paid ads and boosted posts
  • Working with social media influencers to increase visibility to a wider audience 

Finding the right social media marketing portfolio for your brand requires careful research and planning. That’s why it’s so important to find a marketing partner that will work to understand your unique organizational needs and develop an effective and appropriate action plan. 

Burg & Co. — your social media marketing partner

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