Four methods digital marketers use to help you gain website traffic

Digital marketers have different ways of improving your visibility online and generating more leads and clients for your business. Get familiar with four of these methods below that can be very effective for your business:

1. Blogging

Your blog is a feed of written content that usually aims to be informative or entertaining in relevant topics to your target audience’s interest. Regularly creating fresh content and posting it in a blog is one of the most effective ways to generate visibility to search engines, which helps people find your website when looking for the kinds of services or products you offer. 

Keep in mind, your blog is not an advertising platform. It’s OK to add a call to action at the end for those who are interested in your services, but your blog is primarily a platform for informing or entertaining your audience. This helps drive them toward becoming qualified leads in the long run.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

A solid SEO strategy includes methods like blogging to help increase your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Ranking on the first page of a SERP is likely to drive more visitors to your site. Ranking in the top three of a SERP improves your traffic even more.

SEO is the practice of doing anything (anything moral, that is) to get your page as high as possible in SERP ranking. Besides creating content that is relevant and rich in keywords that your target audience uses, you’ll also use meta descriptions, optimize images and make some back-end adjustments to your site to improve its loading time and mobile responsiveness.

3. Social media

People love spending time on social media to interact with their friends, family and anything else that interests them. Your brand needs to maintain an active social media presence so people who are interested in your types of products and services can follow you.

Similar to blogging, your social media is not an advertising platform. Sure, you’ll want to share some products and services every now and then or highlight a promotion, but your social media should focus more on the social aspect of your brand. Engage with your followers. Share informational, useful or entertaining content. Share personal stories from the workplace or highlight your team members. Whatever you do, just remember that your social media presence should feel more personal and friendlier than like a business.

4. Emails

Emails may seem outdated compared to social media, but they’re still a very effective way of converting leads into customers. Have systems in place for emails to go out to existing leads and existing customers to continue informing them and providing them with helpful or entertaining content.  

An example of a good email campaign would be a company newsletter. You can have visitors submit their email to receive weekly emails containing highlighted blog posts, news and other updates pertaining to their field of interest.

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