Four Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes Companies Make

Digital marketing is a broad field, with plenty of options to reach a targeted, engaged audience of potential customers. From your website and search engine results to your content and social media presence, digital marketing is never boring and always full of new things to learn and ideas to try.

To help you about some major missteps early on, here are four of the biggest mistakes you can make it digital marketing, and how to avoid them.


Mistakes to avoid in digital marketing

Mistake #1: Unclear goals

In order to know if your digital marketing campaign is effective, you’ll need to know what you’re working toward. If you set unclear goals — or worse, no goals at all — you won’t be able to establish ROI, won’t know if your approach need to be shifted, and won’t be able to demonstrate results to senior leadership. After you set your goals, make sure your analytics programs are set up to track them. Finally, remember that you’ll need to identify your key performance indicators (KPIs), which help you see how you are in relation to your goal.


Mistake #2: Not targeting the right audience

No matter how good your campaign, creative and content are, you won’t make a dent if you have the wrong audience. Learn who’s buying your product or service, and learn their motivations. What are their needs? What resonates with them (A/B tests can help you make that determination)? Where are they spending their time? Knowing your audience is essential to choosing tactics and strategies and obtaining results. You can also your your audience based on their behavior– for example, those who have downloaded information from your website or clicked through from a social post.


Mistake #3: Forgetting the customer

The customer is the most important part of your business. Marketing today needs a customer-centric approach in order to really connect. Brands are embracing authenticity and transparency and telling stories that include their customers. Create value and reassurance in your customers by putting them front and center of your digital marketing.


Mistake #4: Failing to test

A/B testing is the most powerful tool a digital marketer has. In email, this can be the subject line, length or message content. In PPC, you can split test messages and offers. There are lots of opportunities to try new approaches, and constantly measuring your results and adjusting your strategy will be what sets you apart from the average marketer.


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