Five Ways to Benefit from Social Media Marketing

Ninety-three percent of customers expect brands to have a social media presence, and 71 percent are willing to purchase from a brand on social media. It’s clearly a valuable tactic for increasing reach and expanding revenue. So what are some ways that you can incorporate social media marketing into your digital marketing strategy?


  1. Increase website traffic – Share relevant and helpful content on social media to encourage click-through to your website. Once they’re there, you can give them a call to action or move them further toward a purchase or appointment. You can even have them sign up for an email or fill out a form to capture them as leads for further marketing efforts.


  1. Turn your audience into a marketing machine – Social media is social because people are there to share with one another. Whether it’s information, entertainment or inspiration, sharable content can increase your brand awareness even beyond your followers. Help your followers increase their own engagement by creating content they want to say with their friends.


  1. Get insight into your audience – Ask a new question on the same day every week, share a story or photo, and invite comments. Try offers and share content to see where followers go. Use social media as your opportunity to really get to know your buyers — which can help you tailor more effective campaigns later.


  1. Grow a community – Some brands work toward building a community on social media. They do this by encouraging conversation and helping followers share content by portraying what’s important to them. This can help people feel a certain affinity for a brand, making them more loyal and likely to convert — and evangelize — in the long run.


Burg & Co. Marketing builds social campaigns that drive results

With years of experience helping companies achieve digital marketing success through social media marketing, Burg & Co. Marketing in Tampa, Florida is your partner in building social media campaigns that set you apart from the competition and drive traffic and revenue. For more information on building a social media marketing strategy that works, contact us today.


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