Five Digital Marketing Truths to Live By in 2018

Digital marketing is a field that’s changing nearly daily. New platforms, tools and strategies may require a new direction to help you build a digital strategy. So how can you tell if you’re taking the right approach? Here are five marketing truths for 2018.


Truth #1: Staying relevant will capture more engagement.

Generic messages and constant sales pitches won’t get you very far with audiences these days. Digital marketing focuses on drawing customers to you, and the best way to do or that is by thoroughly understanding who you’re selling to. Then, craft a message that’s relevant to their needs — and promises to solve them. You simply have to provide value to encourage results.


Truth #2: It’s about the customer

Expanding on truth #1, too many brands make everything about them. To really resonate with audiences today, you have to bring them into the story you’re telling about your business. What you do and the special way you do it is relevant, but you have to make to tell the audience how it will help them.


Truth #3: Mobile is everything

Americans spend more than three hours a day on their cell phones. That includes social media — 80 percent of the average user’s social media time is spent on mobile. And it’s been shown that many of these mobile users are engaged: 88 percent of consumers who search for a business type on mobile will call or visit in person within 24 hours. Make sure your strategy incorporates a mobile mindset by, for example, optimizing your website for mobile and exploring in-app advertising opportunities.


Truth #4: A multi-channel approach can multiply results.

While you don’t want to spread yourself thin, layering strategies can be a great way to increase reach and expand awareness to new audiences. One study showed that a multichannel B2C approach saw a 24 percent higher return on investment.


Truth #5: You may not recognize the marketing funnel.

Digital marketing today requires a sophisticated approach, and there are often many steps in the buying process. With so many opportunities for touch points, digital marketing can help expand your efforts and more efficiently engage leads.  


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