Exploring the Relationship Between Content and SEO

A lot goes into a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. You have to create optimized page titles, meta descriptions, image alt text, URLs and more. One of the most important tenets of an effective SEO strategy that you’ll hear everyone talk about is content.

Content marketing and SEO are not the same, but content plays a large role in your SEO results. Your content is where you will insert the majority of your keywords and links that tell search engines and web-users that your page has the information they need.

The relationship between good content and SEO is important for attracting more visitors to your site, so Burg & Co. wants to help you by providing some content tips that can help improve your search engine ranking.

Four tips for improving your content for SEO

  1. Use the right keywords — Use keyword research tools, such as Ubersuggest, to find keywords related to your content that people are using in search queries. You’ll want to use these keywords in your content as they naturally fit. Do not stuff keywords into content in random places because this will actually harm your SEO instead of helping it.

  2. Write for people first, not machines As mentioned above, do not stuff keywords or write primarily for search engine crawlers. Pages that are written with a human audience in mind perform well because search engine robots actually try to read content as a human would to detect how relevant and helpful it is.

  3. Write for skimmers  Most people who search for something online look for quick answers. If your page can’t provide these answers, they’ll bounce to another site that can. Writing for skimmers helps people find the answers they need and potentially drives them down the sales funnel. Use different headers, bullet points or numbered lists (like this one) to make helpful information easy to find.

  4. Use images  An image can help convey the story you’re trying to tell with your content. Use a unique image that loads fast and is relevant to your content. This is also helpful for SEO because you can add an image alt tag, which is a good spot for another keyword.

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