Choosing the Right Platforms for Social Media Marketing

The first step in any social media marketing strategy will be identifying the channels that will drive the greatest results and help you meet your goals. There are more social media networks than ever before, and they all feature paid options as well as the opportunity for organic reach, promotion and engagement. Where you build your presence will depend on what you’re sharing, your goals and your audience. So what are you main options?



Facebook is probably the first social media channel you think of, and it’s the one many brands choose for a presence. Facebook is very trackable and offers a lot of flexibility in promotion and paid advertising. It’s not as good of a choice as it used to be for organic advertising due to changes in the algorithm, but brands may find Facebook a valuable choice in using Facebook to start conversations and get feedback.



Instagram is a highly visual platform with an audience that skews younger. According to ScienceDaily, 90 percent of Instagram users are younger than 35, and female internet users are more like to use the channel than men. If you have a product or service that lends itself to high-quality graphic imagery that encourages engagement, this is the place for you. Some examples might include a clothing company that can promote lifestyle shots and be promoted by influencers, an interior designer or a museum.



Twitter can be difficult to understand. It’s not the best choice for acquiring new customers, but can be a great way for brands to build awareness and service customers. It’s almost like a live chat service, with many brands creating customer service accounts on Twitter. It can also be a good choice for curating content, helping to grow a reputation as a solid informational source. In terms of demographics, 81 percent of millennials check Twitter at least once a day, and 29 percent of internet users with college degrees use the network.



A good choice for B2B brands, LinkedIn offers exposure to a business-minded audience that may be open to hearing from companies that can solve their needs. It’s a good place to participate in industry groups centered around specific topics, learn more about your target audience, and drive training and generate leads by prompting content or information that your audience is willing to trade their information for.


Burg & Co. Marketing builds social campaigns that drive results

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