BURG+CO.’s business processes development journey and how it can help your company

Just like many people, businesses are driven, in part, by external factors. What problems customers face is a key factor among these external factors. Yet a company must also have internal driving factors if it is to be as stable and successful as it aims to be. One of the most important of these internal factors is the ability to develop robust, easily followed business processes. 

Why do we think developing business processes is so important? 

The short answer is that we’re in the process of developing our long-term business processes for BURG+CO. Marketing. Now, don’t get me wrong. We’ve implemented plenty of processes for our digital marketing company since we founded it five years ago. Some of those processes are still with us, while others have been revised or have fallen by the wayside. 

However, all our past business processes were geared toward running a small startup, which is what we’ve been up until now. That’s all changing for us. Our team and business have been growing hugely over the last year or so, and we’ve found that growth has made it vital that we start recording and developing new business processes to suit the expanded company we’re becoming. 

What business processes are we working to develop?

Our team has been working tirelessly to develop, record and implement a wide range of processes for our digital marketing business, but most of the processes we’ve been working on fall into three distinct categories: 

1.Operations processes.

Our chief operations officer, Haley, has been leading the charge on our operations processes. She has also been overseeing all the other processes we’ve been creating. Her main task over the past few months has been to make sure that our operations processes are up to speed and can handle our projected growth. That has included, primarily, creating an employee handbook to document all our operations processes and job descriptions for every member of our current team. 

2. Content creation processes.

We’re a digital marketing company whose bread and butter is creating exceptional content for our partners. Our content marketing director, Aaron, has been developing and recording processes designed to help content creators thrive and succeed. This has included taking steps like revamping and recording our keyword research process and a lot more. 

3. Web development processes.

Our team also offers a high level of web development support for many of our clients. We’re working to refresh and record our web dev processes led by our chief technology officer, Levi. For instance, he recently revised our process for backing up past versions of clients’ websites even as we’re building a new one for them. 

Why are we telling you about our business process development?

Experience is a major part of learning. That’s what we’ve found as a team, and that’s why we’re sharing our experience as we refine and develop processes for our business. We want our experience to help inform others as they consider starting such a major task or as they’re going through it themselves. And this won’t be the only time we’ll be talking about our business process development journey. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be hearing from BURG+CO. leaders Haley, Aaron and Levi about:

  • The processes they’re creating and refining for our team.
  • The way they’re going about creating/refining the processes they’re working on. 
  • The potential benefits of refining the processes they’re working on. 

So, keep an eye out for new blog posts every week as we continue creating and refining our business’s processes and bring you along for the ride. 

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