Three Things You May Not Know About Pay Per Click (PPC)

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Many people have strong ideas about pay per click (PPC). This may come from information they’ve been exposed to, work they’ve done or just common wisdom that’s passed down from “experts” in the industry. The world of PPC marketing, however, is so large that there are some common misconceptions by nature. Here are three things you may not know about PPC to help you refine your strategy.


#1: PPC is more than just search

Pay per click campaigns can be run on search networks, producing the related ads that come up when a user searches for your targeted keywords. This is a way to get your brand visibility right on the first page of search results, while SEO focuses on organically increasing your ranking in the main results portion through a variety of additional tactics. PPC also extends to other networks, too.

Display PPC shows your ads on related content published by websites within the platform’s network. Other networks might include video, which shows your ads by related YouTube videos; shopping, which shows your ads alongside relevant Google Shopping results, and app, which shows your ads in specific apps on the search partner’s network. The type you choose will depend largely on your audience, your goals, your product or offering, and your budget.


#2: It’s just Google

PPC goes beyond just Google AdWords. There’s the Yahoo and Bing, too, and while Google may seem a no-brainer for its volume, it’s worth noting the Bing ads also display on the Yahoo Gemini network, giving Bing a larger reach than you might initially think. Search engine users also tend to be loyal and exclusive, so running on Bing or Yahoo will likely give you exposure to an audience you can’t get on Google. Then there’s Facebook and other social media ads, which could fit well if your audience is engaged with that platform, as well as retargeting platforms like AdRoll.


#3: It’s expensive

The great part about PPC is that it can be optimized for a range of budgets. You actually set a campaign budget and goals, which ensure you don’t spend more than you want. You can start small and test different campaigns to get a greater ROI and maximize your spend. You can even pause your campaign if you need time to regroup.


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